Based on user feedback data, we recommend it to be taken for 90-120 days.
As such, no case of Drug-Drug interactions with this product has been reported with hypertension and Diabetes mellitus patients but needs to be studied for confirmation.
OLFIT can be used to support health and well-being in adults, after consulting with health care professionals in, including and not limited to, general wellness, bone health, malnutrition, diabetes, fatigue, anaemia, oxidative stress, etc.
Yes. The data can be produced on request.
All key raw materials are from vegetarian source. Only capsules shell is made of non - vegetarian sources (gelatin).
All key Raw materials are 100% natural except few vitamins which are from semi-synthetic source.
KSM-66 is world’s best-selling Ashwagandha containing root extract, produced using a first-of-its-kind extraction process, and based on “Green-Chemistry” principles, without using alcohol or any other chemical solvents. It is a “full-spectrum” herb containing all forms of Withanolids as present in nature. The Ashwagandha herb’s efficacy is due to its complex blend of active constituents, mainly alkaloids like Withanine, Somniferine, Tropine and steroidal lactones called Withanolides.
An Adaptogen is a compound or herb that greatly improves your body's ability to adapt to stress. It helps stabilization of physiological processes and the promotion of homeostasis in the body. This is due to its anti-oxidant effect and its ORAC value. OLFIT contains a combo of Adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green tea extract, Citrus bioflavonoids, Curcumin, Grape seed extract, Beta carotene etc.
Hyper-vitaminosis due to fat soluble vitamins in case of an over-dose (More than 4 softgels per day). Since the suggested dose is one softgel, it’s safe.
Stable for 24 months when stored in ambient conditions.

  1. This product is not intended for use in the prevention, alleviation, treatment or cure of a disease, disorder or particular physiological condition.
  2. The information provided here is for educational and informational purpose only and in no way should be considered as offering medical advice. It is mandatory that you refer appropriate sources for confirmation. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. accepts no liability for the completeness for use of the information contained herewith or its update.